Starting its activities in 1993 with the manufacture of concrete plant automation, TEKNO has gained significant experience in the field by serving many in its industry. TEKNO, which has the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certificate, has focused on developing itself and concentrated on becoming professional in the field of concrete plant automation.

TEKNO has built many ready concrete producers’ plants, both abroad and domestic, including but not limited to plants such as LAFARGE, BETONSA HOGAZICI BETON etc.

TEKNO listens to ready concrete producers’ expectations and requests for the project- and closely follows the operation from the promotion stage to the organization, operation and running costs. TEKNO’s desire is to have an open dialogue, improved cooperation with the firms it works with and conducts its software, manufacturing, quality and workmanship of the complete production, installation, operation, training and after-sales technical support services in a high quality manner and a customer-oriented work approach. TEKNO automation systems export to many countries such as Great Britain, Greece, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and close to 1300 units of concrete plants have been successfully working in our automation systems. Aiming to become a global brand, TEKNO is constantly developing its technical and marketing infrastructure continues to participate in fairs as sectoral expertise in its field.

TEKNO, which works to provide its customers with the highest quality concrete plant automation systems and full customer satisfaction, has built ready concrete plant automations that can run for many years with the lowest operating costs. Our company continues to move forward every day and continues to keep its leading position in the industry. Key important concepts such as quality and customer satisfaction, in line with its target advanced technology and expertise in the field, are constantly kept in the forefront.